Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So, welcome to my blog. This is my first and only blog. Everyone seems to be doing one, so why not get involved I thought. This blog is where I will document what I feel people should know about me and my happenings in life. I am becoming part of the virtual world and it feels good. Having just set up a twitter account, people can now view and comment on my every move, if they so wish. Just search my name and you'll find me doing something mostly likely boring and uneventful. At the moment I am currently trying to find a job, which is actually very depressing and stressful. I feel extremely down hearted at the prospect of having very little money to get me through the final of university. Alongside these ever growing worries, I have one of the biggest reading lists known to man for my philosophy course. It' quite terrifying knowing that the coming year will be my deciding year to achieve what I need to in order to succeed further in life. Well there it is. My first blog done and dusted. You may not find it interesting but not too bothered by that factor, just as long as you read and take it as you will.