Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Summer Loving

As summer draws its closing curtain, I feel I should share some moments that have made me aprreciate the smaller things in life. Music, friends and family are just three of the most important things that matter to me, and when they come together puts a smile on my face. Makes me giggle inside and shine with glee. This summer like the previous ones before, me and my mum make our way to a little place called Chelmsford for the annual V Festival experience. Now this year was just too good for words. The crowd were thriving with anticipation, excitement and all shared a universal love and aprreciation for music. One band that stood out amoung many was Pendulm, whose set blew me and mum away, not just metaphorically but literally. Inside the mosh pit that errupted the moment Pendulum came on stage was mind-blowing. The atmosphere was buzzing with electricity and full out mania.
My mum being a hardcore music and Pendulum fan found herself caught up in the crazy yet scary moshing happening right in front of us. As the music pumped away, people unleashed their wild side and mother got caught on the wrong side and was slammed to the ground by a crowd surfer. At this moment, all of us knew that it was time to move further back. Apart from a major ankle sprain my mum remains adamant that, that experience was the best she ever had and would gladly go back. I happen to think she is mental and needs to be controlled.
(if you fancy seeing the mad moshing click here to a video I posted on youtube -