Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Second day over with and I’m exhausted. They don’t call it a Runner for nothing do they? I am literally running around London, here, there and everywhere, like a blue-arsed fly. Hopefully, it will keep me in shape for the next two weeks. Apart from running errands, it’s a really friendly, cool and warm place to work. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. It’s always busy, busy, busy, organising screenings here, booking flights there. I love it. The best thing of all was that on my first day, still can’t quite believe it my dear friends, I met the one and only, Mr Stephen Fry. Some of you may already know this, as I have posted this as my status on facebook. OMG!!!!!!! We actually exchanged words. I met him at his London pad, his actually place of residence. No I’m not going to relay those details. But that has solidified my week as the best week ever.

On another note, as I could quite happily natter away to you about my love for Mr Fry and how I want him to adopt me, I had my interview today and guess what, I’ve bloody gone and got myself a second interview on Monday. Ahhhhh!!!!! My week has gotten off to the best of starts. Things can only get better me thinks, especially as I’m seeing my dear friend Tom tomorrow. Canny wait.

Well that’s all for now guys. Will report back with further details of my remaining week soon. xx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Not much has been happening since my last post. Have got two afternoons this week where I will be working, which means more driving and feeling like a nomad.
Although, next week, as of Monday I begin my two week placement for Revolution Films and I am sooooo looking forward to it. So, I shall be filling you in on what I will be getting up to. It's an independent, film production company and the job title I applied for was a 'Runner'. I'm guessing that there will be lots of running around (pun not intended).
Unfortunately it is unpaid, only my travel is covered. That sucks a little, but it's all experience that will lead me on to bigger, brighter things.
I've decided I'm going to try and steer clear of feeling sorry for myself, and ranting about my life failings in this blog. Whilst it is still called A 20-something Struggle, I will try and document the achievements and hopefully how my life starts to take and grow a life of its own.
I think that's all for now. Like I said, pretty boring post today.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Busy Bee ;)

Well, what a week I have had. Has been such a blast, really has. Firstly, just want to say that it was so good to see some of my old University friends again this week, and thanks Emma for letting me kip at yours. Have missed everyone dearly.

Where shall I begin. Some success at last has been thrown my way, after my utter self-indulgent rant in my last post. I finally managed to secure another 6 week internship with a brilliant, dynamic and thriving PR company in film distribution. This makes me very happy. Secondly, worked bloody hard this week, which hopefully means I will come into some much needed cash at the end of this month to fund my two week placement in London. And maybe, have a little shop around for some goodies for myself as a little treat.

Thirdly, I had a fantastic and much needed night out with my girlies to the gay capital of Brighton known as Revenge. It was a jolly marvellous evening, and even though I had work at 8.30am the next day (I didn't drink much as I suffer from the worst hangovers ever) it didn't stop me from boogying on down. Also, a plus to this evening came in the form of HUSSTLE (girl band rejected from the judges houses on X Factor). Was a magical moment for me and my friend Emma.

Fourth on my list of achievements this week has been, being invited for an interview on Monday for, okay don't judge (not that you would), Odeon. Part-time work. I thought I should take some intiative and look for a standard part-time work in the field that somehow relates to what I want to do in life. So, fingers crossed I will soon be in some part-time employment.

...and finally, today I spent the afternoon being very cultured with my dear friend Tom, at the V&A. The exhibiton we saw was fabulous. It took nearly two hours to view the whole thing. Now I advise anyone reading this to get down there and book tickets to see the Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes as soon as they can. Truely magnificant. Unfortunetly cameras were not allowed, so I can't place any here to demonstrate the awesomeness of the exhibition. We then walked from South Kensington area to Hyde Park Corner, hopped on the tube and headed to Buckingham Palace and St James's Park and strolled through the park having a good ol' chin-wag.

So, having had tragic and dark rant in my last post I feel somewhat uplifted and more confident in where my life is heading, which is a nice feeling I must say. Now I'm sitting here on the sofa next to my mumma watching X Factor with a nice glass of red wine, munching on some delicious cherry liqueurs (courtesy of my good friend Rachael).

Sunday, 10 October 2010

22, Christ!

A week ago, as some of you may know, I turned 22 (which I celebrated with my dear friends, pictured above), and realised that in the past few months since finishing university, I have achieved very little. Okay, yes I had my internship over the summer, which was brilliant and that enabled me to make some really good contacts that I can, fingers crossed, use later, but when that finished I had nothing else on my plate. It took me two months to get another placement, which is only for two weeks and once again for free. Why is it taking so long to become who I want to be? I know this industry is hard, difficult and extremely competitive, and I'm hoping these small opportunities I'm being given will eventually lead to a big break. Hope being the operative word here.
As I sit here, writing again to you about my trials and tribulations of attempting to throw myself onto the career ladder, and finally start my life, I wonder, 'what on earth am I doing wrong?' If my younger brother, who barley does anything, but simply falls upon a great job that pays him a decent wage that I would love to earn, then there must be something I'm missing, yes?

Well no, surely not. I think I'm an intelligent, smart and capable person (now those who know me I can feel you sniggering at this). Yes, I may not have any common sense (as most of you know) but I'm on the ball most of the time, and am driven in what I want to pursue in life.

But, I can't help thinking that my constant travelling back and forth from Brighton (where I work part-time) to London (where I ideally am looking and hoping to work) is just a waste of my efforts, when I could easily just stroll down the job centre, sign on and spend my time sitting in my room trawling the internet looking for work. No! I don’t want to settle, is what I keep telling myself. Maybe that seems stubborn and immature, but why should I? I've worked hard these past three years to earn a degree that I want to use, and obtain a job that I'm truly, utterly and deeply passionate about.

Now I don't begrudge my brother about his job offer; I'm proud of him and know that it will do him a world of good, but it just digs a little in that small place inside me where I feel cheated somehow.

So, as I finish my cup of tea and watch yet another episode of Sex and The City, I just keep on going, hoping something will turn in my favour.