Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Second day over with and I’m exhausted. They don’t call it a Runner for nothing do they? I am literally running around London, here, there and everywhere, like a blue-arsed fly. Hopefully, it will keep me in shape for the next two weeks. Apart from running errands, it’s a really friendly, cool and warm place to work. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. It’s always busy, busy, busy, organising screenings here, booking flights there. I love it. The best thing of all was that on my first day, still can’t quite believe it my dear friends, I met the one and only, Mr Stephen Fry. Some of you may already know this, as I have posted this as my status on facebook. OMG!!!!!!! We actually exchanged words. I met him at his London pad, his actually place of residence. No I’m not going to relay those details. But that has solidified my week as the best week ever.

On another note, as I could quite happily natter away to you about my love for Mr Fry and how I want him to adopt me, I had my interview today and guess what, I’ve bloody gone and got myself a second interview on Monday. Ahhhhh!!!!! My week has gotten off to the best of starts. Things can only get better me thinks, especially as I’m seeing my dear friend Tom tomorrow. Canny wait.

Well that’s all for now guys. Will report back with further details of my remaining week soon. xx