Friday, 12 November 2010

Information Overload


What a brilliant first week I have had at my brand new job. My first day started on Wednesday, and what a day. The first hour was the most nerve racking ever. There I am being thrown in at the deep with one person telling me this, the phone ringing, the door buzzing, people introducing themselves. Was so much to take in that all I could do was smile nicely and keep saying however “overwhelming” I’m finding my first day.

Thankfully I was allowed to leave at 4pm as the office was holding its annual T&T (Transform and Transcend) awards dinner and drinks, in the style of the critically acclaimed ‘Mad Men’. Was such a good way to meet everyone informally, once everyone had, had a bit to drink. I obviously, being my first day and all, stayed pretty much sober as I did not want to make a complete and utter tit of myself, as I seem to do when I usually drink (but who doesn’t). It was also a very good way to begin to understand office politics and get to grips with the office gossip, which I was very much involved when I had lunch the next day with some of the girls from the office. Chilli Bake/Bowl at the Three Kings is amazing by the way. But again a nice way to get to know people. I keep using the word nice and it might seem like an overstatement, but really everything’s gone really well.

Everyone has been so nice and welcoming that I feel pretty much settled in and its only been three days. I think this is a good starting point for me and I am very much looking forward to getting stuck in all areas of the Branding/Design aspects. I want to soak everything up like a sponge.