Monday, 22 November 2010

Lazy Hazy


Right, I have been a bad girl and not keeping up to date with my blog. Slap my hand now! The only reason I haven’t been posting recently is because I’m completely knackered by the time I get in from work. It’s been going really well. Hopefully get paid at end of this month, which will be a nice welcome change to my bank account.

The only exciting thing that’s happened this week is James coming to stay for a couple of days. So nice to see him. It’s hard now being in a long distance relationship but then again it’s nice to miss each other. Am happy to be going back down to the south coast this weekend. Miss Brighton a lot. And everyone in it.

Speaking of missing people, my dearest friend Tom is leaving soon to go up North. So the weekend just passed we all went out for a little goodbye drinky doo. He was wrecked but was such a blast. Sooooo, so funny. Drunk times always are. But not the smell of Maccy D’s sick in the back of a cab. The next day me, Tom, Lucy, Holly and Tash went for a big cafe breakfast and mooched round town for a bit. Unfortunately I had to head home, yes in the previous day/nights outfit. Charming I know. So missed out on feeding the ducks in Kensington gardens.

However, my cousin came over and hung out, monging out more like it. Baking brownies that turned out more like tar. Not good. But, yeah pretty good weekend all in all. Strictly as always with a bit of X Factor and now Celebrity.

Enough for now; some more in another weeks time.