Saturday, 6 November 2010

On the up

It has been a long two weeks. But a two very good weeks. Have been working hard at Revolution Film, where I had my placement. Lots of running around, but met some really lovely people who gave me soooo much advice. As mentioned in my previous blog, I met the wonderful Stephen Fry last week. This week, on Tuesday, the gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in the office. He is too beautiful for words; utterly gorgeous.
Alongside this I have been a busy bee going to various interviews and after a lot of struggle and thinking nothing was going to come of my hardship, I landed a proper job, which was confirmed yesterday. I can’t still quite believe it. I finally have a job that pays a bloody decent wage and can think about saving to move out and save to my masters, which now seems more likely to happen.
It seems to have been two successful weeks since my last post. And tomorrow I get to see my lovely boyfriend and spend a couple of lovely days hanging out before I start work on Wednesday. I desperately want to see the new Mike Leigh film, ‘Another Year’, meant to be brilliant. Was given five stars in a review so fingers crossed will be good.
Am finally excited about where things are going. I’m still striving to eventually be working in the film industry but know I need to start to earning to be able to live. But things are on the up and it feels nice.