Sunday, 23 January 2011

Back to Work...

Sorry for the lack of posting, not that I post often, but I have been slightly under the weather. I have been caged up in my house since Wednesday evening sick with a fluey virus. I have been bored for the past three days and have only started to feel like myself again. The most interesting things that have happened whilst being sick is completing Mad Men series two - amazing, absolutely love that show - and rearranged my room, which in turn made me feel even worse as I was exhausted after. That's all I've felt this past days. Utterly exhausted and tired. Physically weak. It's horrible.
But from tomorrow I am back at work, thank god. I have actually missed working. I enjoy my job. Sounds odd but I do. I look forward to getting up and going to work. Picking out what I will be wearing, the interesting people I may meet, and also just being up in town. I really must make more of London. Feel like I don't make the most of the galleries, bars, boutique areas etc. Also three of my very good friends work up in town and we really need to meet up more. Seems silly not too. So from now on I will make the effort to at least do something cultural and interesting.