Tuesday, 11 January 2011


The only thing really worth commenting on that has happened this week is my new fringe. Love it love it. Have been waiting patiently to have my hair cut and styled. Finally the Saturday just passed it happened. Feels so nice and I can't stop looking at myself in the nearest mirror. Vain I know.

My new fringe...taken whilst at work.

To feel more rounded and cultured, plus to indulge my love of poetry, I have just bought my first collection of poems by John Keats and am very excited to enter into the romantic world and loose myself in romanticist ideals. Although widely recognised I have never got round to reading any of his collection, plus he has come highly recommended by my new follower Emily - . Her blog is very inspiring and comments on a lot of things I think about but can barely manage to articulate. So in order to keep track of all my thoughts, I have dragged out my writing book, and whenever a random thought pops into my head, down it will go onto a piece of paper.
Alongside this my newly ordered book 'Flappers and Philosophers' - Scott Fitzgerald - has just been dispatched. Fingers crossed will be here soon. It was on my desired Christmas wish list but is very hard to come by.
At this very moment though I am painfully (in a good sense) involved with one of the greatest love stories ever told - 'Dr Zhivago'. I have had the pleasure of watching the original film and find it more heartbreaking than, heaven forbid, 'Romeo and Juliette'. It is the last moment of this story that is so gut-wrenching and tragically beautiful.
After this tragic love story, I will be moving onto 'Sons and Lovers'  and continuing my love for D. H. Lawrence. The first book I ever read of his moved me greatly, 'The Virgin and the Gypsy'. Only a very small book, I urge anyone who is anyone to read it.