Wednesday, 5 January 2011

First day...

My first day back to work was yesterday, and as I have mentioned on facebook and twitter, I was surprising looking forward to going back. This was partly and still is, due to the fact that I have a collection of new work clothes, bought especially in the Christmas, New Year sales. Plus, my wonderful boyfriend bought me some beautiful shoes. They are black patent, with black suede sides, with tiny little black buttons and they lace up. My passion for shoes, as many of my dear friends will know, extends to great lengths. I LOVE shoes. I love wearing them to the point where I have to get them re-heeled. You know a pair of shoes have been loved when they need re-soling/heeling. I m very excited to get my brogues back as I had almost worn them to the point of no return. However, I digress from my original reason in writing this weeks blog.

My last post was a collection of photos from the last month of 2010. December was a brilliant month, as it included Christmas, a week long break from work and New Years. Unlike New Years last year, where we had a massive house party in Brighton, this year I just hung out at my friends flat, eating pizza, watching The Hills and drinking Cava. It was chilled, relaxed and most importantly inexpensive. To make it seem slightly more important than any ordinary night, we wore big poofy party dresses. Whereas my brother, who had an amazing night, spent just over £200 up in Knightsbridge, London. Seems a bit excessive to me. Each to their own I suppose. 

I do feel though very positive going into 2011. I have a job, a great boyfriend, wonderful friends and a summer, 2 week long holiday to look forward to. I don't want to start getting all sentimental here, I did that last year in my New Year post, but I do feel very lucky to have been given the opportunities to start piecing together my life. I have made only one resolution for 2011, usually I make zero. 
But this year, I want to start taking things more as they come, not so much planning and organising; going with the flow...well a little that is.

Happy New Year!