Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Had such a lovely weekend. Not only did I have James to stay for a few days, I had a pretty booked up weekend. That's always nice when you have things planned and you can look forward.
Friday, James and I didn't end up going to the cinema, we, instead went up the road for dinner and then for drinks at the local pub, where there was a jazz band playing. Was a really nice evening. Got a bit tipsy as always when I drink. Unfortunetly come Saturday, James had to go home. That always makes me feel a bit down. 
As mentioned previously Saturday was my Aunt's big 5.0 birthday dinner. Was lovely. Truly a delight to see family and all hangout together. I used my film SLR camera, so I will post a photo when they have been developed. It may take some time as I still have photos to use up on the film.
Sunday was probably the highlight of the weekend. Having lunch with uni friends up in London. Lots of Tapas and bubbly. However, I got slightly drunk and only realised this when I returned home at 7pm to get ready to meet with Laura and Holly. I could barely manage to string a sentence together. All I did was giggle my way through an episode of 24. Sad times for me that I had to miss out on Holly's leaving drinks.
So that was my weekend and what brilliant weekend it was. Also my collection of John Keats arrived. Stunning poetry. Am looking forward to getting stuck into that on these cold days. Am still awaiting a few other books that I have ordered.