Monday, 31 January 2011

Isn't life glorious...

What lovely weather we have had this weekend. O.K, yes a bit chilly but beautiful bright, blue skies with the sun beaming makes up for that. Bit of swimming Saturday morning, then chilling out playing Mario Cart on James N64 (proper old school), looking in some charity shops where I found a cute beige fur hat and brown fur neck scarf thingy (not real fur don't worry), and finally finishing the day off having drinks with Bethany and Tom.
On Sunday morning to make the most of this glorious weather, James and I drove out towards Chichester, stopping off at Fontwell race track, then heading into Chichester town center to mosey round some car-boot sales. Love car boot sales. Among the tatt, you can find some really good bargains. For instance I managed to get hold of, yet another old film SLR, complete with case, instructions, attachable flash and strap, all for a fiver. Bargain. I have a certain fascination with old cameras. Have about four cameras, all from different decades. Can't beat the old look and feel of film compared to digital. The excitement of waiting for your photos to be developed. Doesn't feel rushed when you use film cameras to take pictures because  you only get one chance so you wanna make sure your pictures are exactly how you want them to be. I think it makes you a little more patient, which is never a bad thing. 
Alongside my camera, I found an old type-writer. For a quid. A quid I tell you. Now my reasoning is that if I can't find any ink for it, oh well, it was only a pound. Haven't had to break the bank to buy it. Hopefully I will as its not a massively old school type-writer. Looks like a model more from the late 60's/70's. I will let you know how I get on with that search. Fingers crossed.
Once we finished strolling round, not one but two car-boot sales, we stopped off in Arundel and had a wander round the castle lake and I took some silly pictures of the ducks. As the day moved on, it was getting decidedly colder so we popped into a little tea room for a cuppa of tea. This turned out to be like five/six cups each as the tea-pot we ordered for just us two was huge. Was more like a pot for five people. Definitely had my fair share of tea for a couple of days now.
I will put my photos up of my antics during January once I've finished the role of film soon. Still have a few pics left and am saving them for Rachael's birthday weekend. Will be lots of fun.

All in all was a lovely weekend. Hope your weekends were just as enjoyable.