Friday, 14 January 2011

Rain drops keep falling...

Am very happy that the weekend will, in a few short hours, be upon us. It has been hectic at work this morning; more so than usual. Lots of phone calls, couriers and attempting to solve the mystery of the missing champagne bottles.
But none of that matters now as the weekend is soon to begin. Cannot wait. Actually have a semi-decent weekend planned, which is always nice. Possibly going cinema tonight. Haven't been in ages and am desparate to satisfy my film needs. My aunts 50th is tomorrow, so the whole family is off on a little dinner outing. Think I'm gonna wear my flapper dress and new shoes (courtesy of my darling bf). Then on Sunday am having a New Year lunch with my uni friends. Been a long time coming. Will be nice to catch up. Miss them all so much. Then proceeding the days festivities, that evening I am having drinks with my friends from home, whom one of them is going back to uni for Spring term. Don't want her to go. 
Always sad when you have to say goodbye to friends. I know am gonna see them again but won't be able to just ring up and be like "Fancy going out for a quick drink, or pop into to town for a spot of shopping".

On another note, taking into consideration my attempt to keep track of my creative thoughts, have started putting together a collection of short stories. Have ordered my seem guidebooks to help the process along. It's quite nice attempting to create a work of fiction. Not sure whether it will be any good or how long it will take. I'm being really good with myself, purposely writing for at least an hour a day. Researching ideas, piecing together characters and developing story lines. Am getting excited just thinking about it. I've always been into writing poetry ever since studying Derek Walcott at Alevel.
So I thought why not try using that enthusiaism and applying it to writing a short story.

Wish me luck.