Thursday, 27 January 2011

Took long enough...

After 6 months of having left uni (last June), I have finally finished sorting my room out. Took long enough. I mean I had unpacked most of my stuff but I was still trying to get everything organised and in their correct place. A lot of stuff seemed to accumulate throughout my time at uni. I have come to realise that I have far too many DVDs, Books, clothes, shoes and accessories, bath products and stationary.
Needed to throw old tat away, re-organise my wardrobe, drawers and general miscellaneous stuff. I also have this habit of rearranging my room around (do it about every three months or so) and I am fully satisfied with the result now. The only box I have left to empty is my old uni papers. I mean it's not that big of a box (an old Canon printer box), but there is just a lot in side it, and I haven't even looked at some it since my first year of uni.

Three years worth of work has mounted up and I have put it off every year. This box scares me. There is just so much paper and there are certainly some things I want to keep from my three years at uni. Particular articles that I enjoyed reading. More so from my Philosophy subjects. There was a really interesting and poignant philosopher, Simone Weil, whose writing was so deep and beautiful that I really felt I could understand and connect with what she was writing. She is a french philosopher and most of her writing is theological. Looking at questions about religion and the issues surrounding God. She is not necessarily religious herself but it is an interesting analysis, in my opinion, of spirituality. Reading 'Grace and Gravity', really is about how one should live their lives not necessarily about the existence of a higher being, which is quite nice actually. Her writing isn't too aggressive and dogmatic, which makes a nice change from some theological texts I've read.

Tonight my friend good friend Laura is coming over. Gonna drink some wine and basically have a good ol' chin wag. We really need a good chat. Hanging out with your girlfriends is good cathartic experience. A chance to let off steam about everything happening in your life at that moment. No one judges but listens. It's nice.

Haven't been up too much recently except from tidying my room. My 'Mad Men' series three arrived yesterday, am very much looking to getting stuck into that. Also a couple of my books arrived. Building up a nice collection of literary items. Am just waiting on 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and a small booking about writing tips.  I'm going to try and read short stories to see how the authors present their characters and develop their narrative structures. Have been getting really involved in my writing. Got myself a new little notebook. I love it. It's this amazing matte green colour. Has an envelope compartment at the back to keep things in. So whenever I have an idea for a character, or chapter. Even just a random thought or something that has inspired me, down it goes into my little book.