Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Vday to all...

my weekend, again was really lovely. chilled and relaxing. managed to get some niggling tasks done that i had been putting off for a while, such as taking my boots up the road to get re-heeled. they weren't as shocking as my brogues were but, still in a 'worse for wear' state. they shall be ready by wednesday, yay!!!!!!
then saturday afternoon i travelled down to worthing to visit james obviously and we went out for a lovely meal. now, just when we thought things were gonig pretty well (we never have good nights out eating) it gets even better. as we were making our way through our mains, our waiter came over carrying another pizza. we were both kind of shocked. i thought, shit, did we accidentally order an extra pizza. nope, the chefs merely thought the original one wasn't good enough and decided to make us a second one free of charge. score we what. he boxed it up for us and we munched on it for lunch the next day, whilst watching Columbo with hot cup of tea. to me that is perfect bliss. had a pretty late start sunday. just slobbed around for the morning, which was just what i needed as getting up at 6.30am can take its toll after a while. james brought up breaky in bed and then i headed back home when he went off to work.
i had been looking forward to sunday evening for so long, you have no idea. mainly because it was the BAFTAS and i love the award shows. i always end making a list of films that i need to see, cinematographers to research, production designers. plus everyone always looks so stunning. 
so that was my weekend. pretty uneventful but that's how i like it some times. 
oh forgot to say i got hold of an action sampler camera, similar to oktomatic camera, but this one only takes four action shots and i'm hoping it arrives today. canny wait.
and just as i wrote that it has arrived, ahhhh yeh boi