Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hump day...

Result. I have managed to find ribbon ink for my typewriter. Yay!!!! Have got to love ebay. It has everything on there and with a bit of patience you can find even the most abstract of items, such as ribbon ink. I'm also going to be uploading some items to sell on there later this week, mostly bags. Ones that I haven't used in a very long time. I usually give all my unwanted stuff to charity, but I'm gonna see if I can make a few quid here or there, if not, oh well, off to the charity shops. To be honest I'm still unsure of ebay. Still getting used to the bidding system. But it's kind of exciting. The anticipation of placing a bid and then actually winning. Although, I have yet to win a bid, not that I have bid on much, I usually just do 'buy now' as its easier and generally it's the correct price I'm willing to pay.

On another note, I'm half way to acquiring two items on my 2011 wish list. Firstly, my friends and I are purchasing our festival tickets this week. Secondly, I have submitted my holiday time at work for mine and James weekend trip away. Yay! I'm still searching for the Barbour jacket, brown penny loafers and a new digital SRL. However still only beginning of February, so plenty of time.