Tuesday, 22 February 2011


instead of taking a photograph of my outfit today, i decided to do a sketch, using water colours. i was flicking through blogs and was inspired by a girl called Carrie in her 'wish wish wish' blog, where she uses every medium possibly to illustrate her life. i have always been into art, especially sketching and regularly used to attend life drawing classes at uni. alas now im working finding the time to sit down and draw is hard to come by. however, today at work, when i had a spare few minutes i had a go at drawing my outfit. i think they came out alright. or at least i hope so. today was a pretty dull, grey day again. so having a little creative inspiration cheered me up. i drew first in pen then when i got home this evening added the colour. hope you like. if not, oh well.

white, linen top, brown/tan harem suit trousers, vintage broach
SHABITAT (Brighton), New Look, carboot sale (Shoreham)
 there you go my first sketches in a very long time. i also drew a little sketch of my note-book. my little collection of ideas, notes, interesting things that i want to do, look up, investigate etc.

WANTED - similar to a Moleskin (not as expensive though)
 think i might do more of these things. maybe once a week alongside my image of the week, have a sketch of week. we'll see how it goes.

what things inspire you?