Sunday, 27 February 2011

...Sunday Morning...

as it's a sunday and i've been pretty busy all weekend, i'm not going to be posting what i'm wearing today, as it's just my jammies. after having tidied up this morning, i think it's prefectly fine for me to slob around for the rest of the afternoon.

so, instead i will be posting friday's outfit. not too exciting. very simple combo of black skinnies, plimpsoles and a grey top. friday at work is always a bit more casual. excuse my pale complexion. wasn't wearing that much make-up. two fave rings...
not much on the agenda for today. has been pretty rubbish weather this weekend. especially yesterday. unfortunetly that meant james and i couldn't do much. will tell more later. am putting the finishing touches to my weekend post today. have a little surprise in store. hope you like it.

well that's all for now folks. hope your sunday is relaxing and stress free. i'm going to go and catch up on all my unread blogs.

...cupcake at work...

p.s. on friday, when reading through Carrie's blog posts (her blog is one of my faves at the moment),  i found a cute little website called lauralaura and fell in love with this canvas shoulder bag. very chic, simple and the design was just too cute to resist. so, yes i went and bought it. now i eagerly await its arrival in the post.