Friday, 25 February 2011

...Taking a break...

...only for a couple of days though like i mentioned in my last post. i'm actually finishing up this post today at work. i just wanted to share with you what i was wearing yesterday. getting into my outfit posts, especially when i can put up an illustration instead of showing my face. i get quite camera shy. i decided to where my rose lippy, courtesy of 'natural collection'. it's a really warm, muted rose colour. good depth to it. and easy to maintain. most red lipsticks can take a lot of effort. using my liquid eyeliner, i have started doing the sixties, thin cat-eye look. very simple, quick and timeless. it seems to be my signature thing at the moment. have become very fond of this little instrument.

i wore my lovely new grey, suede shoes that i got from office a few weeks back. i posted pic up a while back. perfect for walking in. they were seemingly pricey but i think i can justify buying things now that i'm actually working. am really getting into my job, making sure i'm always offering help where needed. i want to get involved as much as possible. it appears to be paying off as i'm being asked to do little research projects whilst at my desk. maybe in a years time i might look at seeing what's available to me. we'll see. early days yet. only been here for four months at Landor but, yeh, good vibes.

have planned a pretty good day on saturday for when james is here (he arrived yesterday, was most excited to see him). we never do enough stuff. mostly because traveling into london is bit expensive. however, this weekend we're going to make the most of it, and if the weather is like it was yesterday then it will be glorious. i also have some intersting things planned for my blog. have finally finished with the new layout. took a while and it became very frustrating but its where i want it to be. hurrah! ;)  i'm going to try and post at least once a day if not every other day. i really want it to be something i'm proud of. i've always kept scrap books and thought this would the next step. even if no one reads it, it's something that i will put my time and effort into making interesting and exciting.

have a lovely weekend xx