Tuesday, 8 February 2011

These shoes are made for walking...

...and yes my new shoes are made for walking. As I mentioned in yesterdays post I brought some lovely new shoes at the weekend, and guess what they were so worth the money. They are so comfortable and easy to walk in. I mean, okay, fair enough they are only like two inches high but still I want to comfortable in shoes regardless of the heal height-age. After reading little chief honeybee's latest post about wearing shoes that don't make you want to kill yourself, I am in full agreement on that matter.
So, these shoes have that crepe sole and heal that give them a really nice cushy feel, and lace up so it means your feet are completely supported whilst walking. Generally after wearing any form of high-heals, the balls of my feet begin to hurt, with these, nadda. Feels so good. I wore them all day yesterday, to and from work, and not even a smidgen of pain. Hurrah!!!!

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