Monday, 7 February 2011

Weekend at Bernie's....

Having finally caught up on all my unread blogs over the weekend (some really good ones guys), I  can begin posting about my epic weekend. What a weekend. Probably one of the best weekends, bar last week, I've had in a long while. And this time round I actually have some pictures as evidence. Am still waiting to finish my roll of film for my SLR to post some old pics.
This Friday gone was my dear and oldest uni friend's birthday. Friday after rushing home from work, showering and bombing it down the M23, A27 to make it to Brighton in time to get ready, so I could join in the pre-drinking festivities. I stayed at my friend Emma's house that night and there ended up being about four of us all staying over. Was a lovely, cosey nights sleep...hmmmm maybe not. Having composed myself after arriving at Emma's we all made our way into town, heading to the Pav Tav, the only place to go if you're a student looking a for a bit of alternative rock. There was seven of us, Me, Sophie, Georgia, Phil and then Emma's two housemates, Dan and Rich. 
We met Rachael there with Greg and Owen, whom I hadn't seen for a year. It was at our New Year's party of 09/10 that I last saw him, which is far too long in my books. So I basically gave him like a gazzilion hugs. I was very happy this weekend. After a few drinks at the Pav we moved onto Belushi's Below for the Abandoned Rock night. Lets just put it this way, everyone was off their tits by the end of the night. I mean really drunk. The only way to be on a rock night. Was such a good night but I felt it went by in a flash. We arrived at the club then suddenly the lights came up, it was 3am and we had to leave. Mental but fun. Throughout the night we all kept loosing each other, and Belushi's is not a particularly big venue so there must have been some sort of vortex that swallowed you up for about half an hour. Still, it didn't take away from the fun. I drank way to many Jagermeister bombs that night and suffered for it the next day. The lack of sleep never helps but I think a Disney marathon the next morning can make anyone feel a bit better. Loved it. There we all were in Emma's sitting room snuggled up on the sofas watching Hercules, Tarzan and then later that day, Beauty and the Beast.
I felt so rough for most of Saturday (I'm sure I wasn't much company for Sophie and Emma) and to cheer myself up I bought some new shoes, with the help of Emma's student discount, which was lovely. Sophie, Emma and I went into town for some breaky and found this tiny cafe that you could barely move in. The food though, yummy scrummy. The food at Rachael's dinner that night was also really tasty. We went to a small Italian restaurant. I left a bit earlier as I was very tired and needed to get to James' before I fell asleep. The next day I definitely felt better and James making me breakfast in bed as well as lunch really helps that. Also a bit of Colombo never hurts anyone, and am really getting into it. I feel James would disagree.
All in all Rachael's birthday weekend was a big success but am still recovering to this day. I think I strained my voice and have come down with a horrible, icky head cold...blah. So if I don't post for a while its because I'm not feeling to great. Below are few pics from the weekend, and not to worry will hopefully put some of the film ones up soon.

Not Rachael's weekend, but our Jan girly meet up in London

There was this rasta on Friday night and I, being very drunk wanted to try his hat on
Our delicious freshly squeezed orange juice the next morning