Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What a grey old day...

today was a very grey day. grey skies and this ominous feeling it was going to rain. i hoped not. i really did. because yesterday was a such a lovely, bright sunny day that it would spoil it if it rained today. urgh. and guess what it did. brilliant.

any-hu. yesterday as we all know was valentines day. hmmm. now james and i will have celebrated our second Vday together. this year we decided to get each other absolutely nothing. its awkward and embarrassing, and just, yeh. not too keen on the day and neither is james. although we didn't do much last year - dinner at the fatleo, the restaurant for one of our first dates. awww, yes cute, whatever.

to be honest i didn't really keep to our rule this year. i mean i still didn't spend a single penny, but i made a card instead...with many of my delightful facial expressions from the year and half we've been together. i would say its not necessarily for Vday but just something i really wanted to do. i would put a pic up but i think james would kill me. i even made an envelope for the card to inside of and i left it on my bed for him to find when he came up to london yesterday. on seeing the card he decided that he had to get a little something otherwise it would have looked bad. he got me this cute little white mouse cuddly. nothing special just something cute and sweet. 

we've called him the 'love-rat'
and that was that. our valentines done. was nice not having to live up to the expectations of doing something. my mum cooked dinner and then us two went and watched and episode of columbo (my new fave programme) and some channel 5 programme where justin lee collins meets seagal. such a funny guy. bit chubby now though, not like his nico days.

i think what i've learnt this Vday is that it doesn't matter whether your single or in a relationship, having someone be it a friend, partner, family member, a pet even to do things with; to enjoy life with is a wonderful feeling. being able to share your happiness with the people who are important in your life is very valuable and should never be under-estimated.

happy tuesday x