Thursday, 31 March 2011


this is just a quick post to say thank you to every one of you who has been reading my blog lately. for all the wonderful comments left and today i have reached up to 20 followers. this is a number i never thought i'd reach as most of the time my posts are just about day to day mumblings. it's only been the past few months that have seen my blog grow, so thanks to you all, it means a lot to me.


p.s. also i have some pics of last night to go up. glassjaw were amazing. really good band. plus got a free c.d at the end of the gig.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

...Things I Like...

i want one of these bags so much. look how colourful, fun and vibrant they are. perfect for a summer holiday.

these furla candy bags are just too cute not to own. i definitely think it'll have to be the the pink or green one. ahhh i want one. that's another thing i now need to save for. what do you think, too much?

my weekly reads to date have been catching up with me. i read so many blogs now that i find it hard to keep track of them all. but doing this little weekly slot helps me sift through them and find the ones that i stay true to. i want to try and say something about each and every blog i read because they all inspire me. i feel my style, ideas and creativeness have been brought to life via reading other people's blogs. it's nice to be surrounded by other creative people.

1) Eleonore -

i may not speak french but you don't have to understand the language to guess this lady has style and gracious way of depicting her images. it is a darling blog that i eagerly await each post to see what she has been up to.

2)Shini -

again another wonderful blog to read. her images are so lovely and interesting and the way she writes is witty, engaging and refreshing.

3)Isabelle -

this blog is so beautiful to read. everything posted makes me stop and think about life that little deeper. her videos are beautiful, so is her style and the images she uploads.


Monday, 28 March 2011

...I Don't Like Mondays...

well what a rubbish start to the day i had this morning. alarm not set, got up late so had to rush out of the house with barely any time to get myself sorted. forgot my lunch, which meant spending money to buy lunch when i want to be saving. thought i lost an earing and the tubes were all delayed. luckily i wasn't late for work. hurrah! but still monday mornings are always rubbish. the day gets better but the mornings, urgh. do you guys feel the same. the way nothing seems to go your way. was super busy at work as well, which was nice as it meant the day was over quicker. am knackered now. was gonna go for a run but too tired. will walk to work tomorrow to make up for it.

so here is today's outfit. thrown together in such a rush.

hope your start to the week was better than.



i meant to do this post last week but with our office move in a couple of weeks, everything is pretty manic. seeing as i do most of my bloggin at work, i was completely swamped with archiving. many apologies. also i couldn't find a song that i wanted to share. nothing was grabbing me, until late last night, when i was out for a run. 'hometown glory' by adele. such a good song and really captures the essence of what it is like to just take in your surroundings and appreciated the good things. an up lifting song with such a deep and souful sound. the words and the music played juxtapose one another with the sad melodic tune. adele is stunning and has a beautiful voice that makes me just sit and listen to her. close my eyes and get lost in her words. so here is my song of last week and this week. listen, enjoy and remember the things about your hometown that make you smile...


Sunday, 27 March 2011

...Shower of Joy...

what a fabulous day. i was lucky to be invited to my mum's friend's baby shower this afternoon. i have got to know her through the past years having been to V festival a few times together. this afternoon was so much fun. playing games, delicous food and all at the wonderfull Queen's tennis club in london. Sunny weather, gentle breeze. Such a delightful afternoon. here are a few snaps...

guessing the baby food face says it all

the actual food...mmm delicious :$

mum to be opening pressies
the games included guessing the size of becky's baby bump with string, how many jelly babies in the bottle, pinnig the dummy on the baby's mouth and guessing the flavour of some pretty foul tassting baby food. this all included some delightful people. good chit chat. definitley the best way to spend a sunday afternoon. maybe the three scones was a bit excessive but going for run this eve makes up for it.

hope your sundays were filled the delightful frolicks. i'm now gonna seat down with a cup of tea, watch the 'only way it essex' and catch up on some unread blogs.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

...Sunshine Lovin...

glorious day. perfect weather. shame i was stuck in doors and could only marvel through the reception main windows. although walking home it was lovely. no jacket. light breeze blowing. oh just wonderful. definitley ready for spring now. i took a few pics of yesterdays events. mostly my outfit. thought it was fitting for the sunny weather at the moment. plus the colours on the skirt are beautiful.

vintage ring on the left

St. Pauls - walking home
today, again, was perfect. a few of us from work, at lunch went and had a picnic in the park. not just a lunch brought from the shop but with a proper hamper and home made goodies, plus a bottle of champers. i love spring i really do.

what are your fave things to do when the dun is shining?


now. my image of the week today is actually a picture taken from flickr. this guy takes amazing pictures and he funnily enough went to my uni and did some of the same courses as me. please take a look at his work. it's engaging and really focuses in on a particular mood and atmostphere. the image i picked here lept and screamed at me. it totally caught my eye and i just had to put it up here to show you guys. his name is bob prosser...

the contrast in colours. the definition of each line is utterly beautiful. it is a stunning image. like i said please check out his flickr and see what you think. he has two accounts here and here. enjoy...


p.s. i try to when i can credit where i find my images from. at least to the best of my ability.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

...Things I like...

o.k, so i've shown you a couple of things i wish to purchase and littles items i only dream of owning. this week i thought i would show a few things that i have acquired over the past couple of weeks. most of the pics are of new clothing pieces. one being a top someone gave me at work. didn't suit them apparently. but zac posen for target, i thought, 'hell yeah'.

my StorminaTeacup purchase - separate post needed later
Zac Posen top (will have a better pic soon)
this week i'm listing in my weekly reads one blog that is dear to me and two new blogs that i have come across this past week. hope you like...

i love her blog. she also happens to be one of my dearest friends. please read if you don't already. it's full of humour, interesting facts and all of her frolicks as a student.

i have only been reading her blog for the past two weeks, but it is truly stunning. simple, classic, elegant. the pictures she posts are different and really capture a mood, location and her feelings for the day. its a fashion, food, musing, travel, lifestyle blog. she encapsulates day to day life beautifully.

3) Tieka -

i love this blog. her style is so perfect and cute. i can only will my fringe to fall like hers. it's one of my new faves at the moment.a perfect fashion blog with a unique taste.


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

...Life so far...

o.k finally here are some pics of last weeks adventures. i have been all over the place. so i had a lovely weekend down in worthing this weekend. sadly no pics of that. was caught up enjoying the moment to realise i had my camera with me. hehe! but the weather was perfect if a little cold. picnics in the park with a few cheeky ciders. reading papers whilst lounging in the sun. breakfast in the garden. ahhh seriously cannot wait till it starts getting warmer. being down in the south coast is glorious in the spring/summer. shame i can only go there at the weekends. oh to be a student again.

free yummy food

free booze

Tom - holding our trophy and winning voucher

dinner in chinatown with my girlies

man creating sand sculpture on the thames bank
anyways, i digress. here are a few snaps of my outfits (sketch form), dinner with my girlies and the free dinner/drinks pub quiz i attended last monday. best thing was that evening we won the quiz. our team won. i never win anything. we got a cup as well as £100 to spend on breakfast at a restaurant of our choice between the six of us. score!


Monday, 21 March 2011

...Northern Soul - part une...

finally part one of my video diary up in the lakedistrict is ready for public viewing. took me ages to choose the right music and edited it all down to just over two minutes. hence why there are going to be two parts. i've also got a little drawing of my journey up there on tuesday eve. just my outfit and various things that kept me entertained. part two of my video will appear some time later this week. hopefully. my mind is somewhere else at the moment. i'm not particularly busy but i am having serious trouble remembering things. oh well. maybe my new years resolution of 'going with the flow' is finally sticking, or maybe i've lost too much control. cest la vie...enjoy...


music - laura marling: rambling man

Friday, 18 March 2011

...Away We Go...

i feel my posts have been some what lacking lately. but hopefully after the weekend things will be back to normal. i am travelling down to worthing this evening to see james. very excited. so posting will be on hold as usual.  always is when i'm with james.
however i thought i would post a couple of pics i've taken these past two weeks whilst on my journey home from work. one is of an event being held at the national theater on southbank. there was music and fire burners everywhere. the other of a simple, timid little blossom tree by southwark cathedral. it was so pink and wonderful, with the sunshining behind that i just had to snap away.


p.s. i have a couple of illustrations to put up and hopefully my video from the lakes will be done this weekend. can edit it when james is at work.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


my second song of the week. i hope you liked the first one. this song is definitely getting me in the mood for spring. the weather was doing so well. it was sunny for the past few days and now it is grey and yucky again. urgh. english weather is too unpredictable and i'm having trouble adjusting to it being cold in the mornings then slightly warm in the afternoon then freezing again at night. come on weather just make up your mind. i never know if i need to wear a big warm coat or a light jacket. 

i hope this song brightens your day up just a little. it certainly has mine...

i know this is a cover of  george harrison's classic but i just love the nina simone cover. sweet, delicate and lovely to listen. puts a smile on your face.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011


i found this image randomly on tumblr. it was so captivating and magical that i instantly saved it in my inspiration folder. it has an elegant, whimsical feel. soft and delicate. the pale colour palette makes this image dreamy. i want to escape into this world and live in far off place. oh how i wish spring was here. there are moments when i think it has arrived. yet they disappear all too quickly. enjoy...


...Things I Like...

so i have a couple of things i want to add to my ever growing wishlist. along with the cath kidston radio and thermos flask, i have a few fashion items that i wish to purchase. or if someone (echem, james) is feeling generous, may want to buy for me. no, no, i will save up my hard earned cash to acquire these things. feels nicer when you've saved loads and know you've been really good all month. that's when you deserve a little treat. 
when reading through other people's blogs, i'm always led to interesting web pages or fashion designers that i ordinarily would not have investigated. but my eyes have been opened to the endless possibilities of unique collections. here are just a few of those items i wish to share with you. they are mostly in my price range and if i scrimp for the next couple of months i should be able to purchase one or two of those items. 

orla kiely - playsuit £117
orla kiely - bag £18

family affiars dress - i want the shoes too

and finally a pair of pierre hardy shoes - gap £79, released in april 2011. had trouble finding a picture. the only one was in stylist and even i can't find it in there. but trust me - patent, nude court shoes. pointed, round toe with a strap across ankle. utterly gorgeous. i want. i want. i want.

for my for weekly reads. people seem to be responding well to this post. i'm sure most of you have heard of these girls as they are widely followed. the main reason i list what i'm reading is the fact they have inspired me, made me think about my own blog and what i can do to make it better. that bit more interesting but still personable and reflects who i am.

a truly delightfull blog to read. her blog was one of the first blogs i started reading a few months back and it is interesting, engaging and thought provoking. it is not a typical fashion blog. she comments on her passions in life. literature, films, music, art etc. she has been helpful and given useful advice when enquiring about literature. please read if you don't already.

i have only just stumbled across her blog and i'm completely taken by it. it's different as i think one can really relate to it. her tips on cheap fashion are extremely beneficial for all those girls on a tight budget, proving style does not have to come at a price. i have already been making my way through her earlier posts. love it. read if you don't already.

her blog is really inspiring and motivating. she comments on just about everything. from fashion to food to life's question. really interesting and i enjoy just flicking through past posts discovering more and more each time. again read if you don't already. but i'm sure you already know who she is.


p.s. ok i am pretty busy this week, from a pub quiz last night, to dinner with the girlies tonight and then yoga tomorrow and finally thursday skins finale. it's all go, go, go. so if posting is sparodic it's not cause i dont care i'm just completely swamped.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

...Storm In A Teacup...

Storm In A Teacup is probably one of my favourite online, independent accessory stores. everything is hand made from vintage finds or crafted together from beautiful gems and patterns by a clearly talented lady called jennifer. even better, the items are priced very reasonably. i have been browsing this store for a while. am yet to make a purchase but have already saved a few items that i wish to buy when i next get paid. 
the designs are simple, cute, girly and affordable. what more do you want. visit her store to see what wonders you may find yourself.
the images above are a mere display of what's available. most of time there are only a couple of the same items. as a result you could end up with a one of kind piece of jewellery.