Thursday, 10 March 2011


i don't have any pictures of the pancakes we made 'cos we ate them all too quickly. however i did take some pics of my outfit, with a little illustration (my boyfriend is not too keen on outfit pictures, but he does it for me anyways which is probably better than i could do). i also hand wrote small bit of prose, that i think sums up my pancake day. 

sorry i have been slightly slack with my posting. am finally back to normal blogging now (have a lovely outfit post for you tomorrow). i meant to post this post yesterday but it got late and my internet decided to die on me. also these pics have been emailed to me one by one (i forgot my usb stick) by the lovely james. one pic is missing - my shoes.
james has been visiting as well this week which means blogging takes a back seat. plus i am currently editing my holiday pics from the lakedistrict and trying to put together another video. i should hopefully have these all done by friday. so hold on tight. excuses i know.


p.s. going to westfield tonight with my brother will let you know how i get on. am slightly intimidated about how big it is. fingers crossed i don't get lost.