Sunday, 6 March 2011

...Home Sweet Home...

well have finally arrvied back home in london. and it feels really good. although i am not looknig forward to having to be getting up at 6.30am again for work. have got used to lying in and having lazy mornings.

was beautiful up in the lakes. always is. plus the sun was out and no rain in insight. just perfect. 

i'm going to be posting pictures and running through my time up there from tomorrow. am just too darn tired tonight. i'm writing this post in my jammies watching 'mad men'. so what is the point of this post then? well, it's just let you guys no i haven't disappeared.

...and my bag i got from lauralaura arrived whilst i was away. it is everything i was hoping for. plus i wanted to show you guys a few things i purchased up north. mostly arty things to help with my sketching.

...selection of new buys... new bowler hat...hoping to arrive sometime this week...
and there you have it. oh and that little shiny camera in the first pic. that is my action sampler. i got that a few weeks back and haven't had a chance to show you guys. i'm hoping the pics turn out okay. will post them up when film finished.