Monday, 28 March 2011

...I Don't Like Mondays...

well what a rubbish start to the day i had this morning. alarm not set, got up late so had to rush out of the house with barely any time to get myself sorted. forgot my lunch, which meant spending money to buy lunch when i want to be saving. thought i lost an earing and the tubes were all delayed. luckily i wasn't late for work. hurrah! but still monday mornings are always rubbish. the day gets better but the mornings, urgh. do you guys feel the same. the way nothing seems to go your way. was super busy at work as well, which was nice as it meant the day was over quicker. am knackered now. was gonna go for a run but too tired. will walk to work tomorrow to make up for it.

so here is today's outfit. thrown together in such a rush.

hope your start to the week was better than.