Sunday, 27 March 2011

...Shower of Joy...

what a fabulous day. i was lucky to be invited to my mum's friend's baby shower this afternoon. i have got to know her through the past years having been to V festival a few times together. this afternoon was so much fun. playing games, delicous food and all at the wonderfull Queen's tennis club in london. Sunny weather, gentle breeze. Such a delightful afternoon. here are a few snaps...

guessing the baby food face says it all

the actual food...mmm delicious :$

mum to be opening pressies
the games included guessing the size of becky's baby bump with string, how many jelly babies in the bottle, pinnig the dummy on the baby's mouth and guessing the flavour of some pretty foul tassting baby food. this all included some delightful people. good chit chat. definitley the best way to spend a sunday afternoon. maybe the three scones was a bit excessive but going for run this eve makes up for it.

hope your sundays were filled the delightful frolicks. i'm now gonna seat down with a cup of tea, watch the 'only way it essex' and catch up on some unread blogs.