Wednesday, 2 March 2011

...Things I like... it is guys my new weekly post that i've been harking on about the past week. as i've only been blogging for just over a year now, i feel i've only really just come into my own. my layout is finally finished. have got in a certain groove and i look forward to posting things up here for others to read.
what i have found really helpful is reading other blogs and seeing how they have created their own little world. so here you go. every week i'm gonna list what new blogs i'm reading or interesting pages i've found, that i'd like to share with you. this weekly fixture will also feature my new loves or wish-lists.
here are a least of at least four new blogs that i have found on various links and have very much enjoyed reading through on lazy saturday/sunday afternoons...don't you just love flicking through something new and exciting...

1) Carrie :

her blog is full of delicious delights, video posts, to die for outfits and various tips on vintage finds, styling hair and being creatively crafty. her layout itself is simple yet very fitting for her style and unique taste on blogging. if you don't already know about here please check her out. she has been featured on various fashion sites and has been published in magazines. a cute and fun way to blog.

2) Stefanie : 

this girl is only a couple years younger than me but her sense of style far out shines mine. and too right. a young fresh take on blogging.definitely worth reading if you don't already.
3) Liss :
i featured one of her pictures in my last I.O.W (image of the week) and when reading through her posts, her images are so dreamy. hence the title.
its delicate and pretty and sweet.

i have very much fallen in love with this blog. 

4) Alix :

very french chic. her photos have a light and airy feel to them. plus her clothes collection is one to be desired.
i can only dream of owning clothes that grogoeus and beautiful.
i found her blog through Carrie's. 
to be honest reading wishwishwish has defo led me onto greater and better things. alix's blog being one of them. may have heard of these girls before but i have completely fallen in love with their blogs. they have inspired me to write better and be more creative with my blogging. fingers crossed...lets see what inspiration i find next week...