Tuesday, 8 March 2011

...Things I Like...

my march wishlist...

...IKEA - Thermost Flask...
...Cath Kidston radio...
blogs i'm reading this order to make this easier, i have added a new tab at the top of my page called 'favourite reads'. there you will find a list of all my fave blogs i love to just flick are just four from those lists, that if you already haven't heard of get over to their sites and read away...

1) Andy -
her sense of style is effortless and to die for. interesting to read and the pictures are always amazing to flick through. 

2) Beth -
quirky, cute and fun. real vintage style. a unique and delightfully darling blog. definitely take a look at some of her older posts.

3) Emma -
one word - jealous...i wish i had her style and shoe collection. lovely blog to read. helpful hints and tips in all areas of fashion and beauty.
4) Vicki -
i have been reading her blog for a while. attempting to make my way through the whole thing. her photography is stunning and her style isn't too bad either. perfect clothes. perfect shoes. also the best bit is that wonderful tips on creating your own accessories.

next week as usual i'll be posting four more of my fave reads. i like to think i'm helping bring awareness to their blogs with my own little take on them.


p.s. have had a little internet shopping spree on monday...will let you show the fruits of my finds when they arrive.