Wednesday, 16 March 2011

...Things I Like...

so i have a couple of things i want to add to my ever growing wishlist. along with the cath kidston radio and thermos flask, i have a few fashion items that i wish to purchase. or if someone (echem, james) is feeling generous, may want to buy for me. no, no, i will save up my hard earned cash to acquire these things. feels nicer when you've saved loads and know you've been really good all month. that's when you deserve a little treat. 
when reading through other people's blogs, i'm always led to interesting web pages or fashion designers that i ordinarily would not have investigated. but my eyes have been opened to the endless possibilities of unique collections. here are just a few of those items i wish to share with you. they are mostly in my price range and if i scrimp for the next couple of months i should be able to purchase one or two of those items. 

orla kiely - playsuit £117
orla kiely - bag £18

family affiars dress - i want the shoes too

and finally a pair of pierre hardy shoes - gap £79, released in april 2011. had trouble finding a picture. the only one was in stylist and even i can't find it in there. but trust me - patent, nude court shoes. pointed, round toe with a strap across ankle. utterly gorgeous. i want. i want. i want.

for my for weekly reads. people seem to be responding well to this post. i'm sure most of you have heard of these girls as they are widely followed. the main reason i list what i'm reading is the fact they have inspired me, made me think about my own blog and what i can do to make it better. that bit more interesting but still personable and reflects who i am.

a truly delightfull blog to read. her blog was one of the first blogs i started reading a few months back and it is interesting, engaging and thought provoking. it is not a typical fashion blog. she comments on her passions in life. literature, films, music, art etc. she has been helpful and given useful advice when enquiring about literature. please read if you don't already.

i have only just stumbled across her blog and i'm completely taken by it. it's different as i think one can really relate to it. her tips on cheap fashion are extremely beneficial for all those girls on a tight budget, proving style does not have to come at a price. i have already been making my way through her earlier posts. love it. read if you don't already.

her blog is really inspiring and motivating. she comments on just about everything. from fashion to food to life's question. really interesting and i enjoy just flicking through past posts discovering more and more each time. again read if you don't already. but i'm sure you already know who she is.


p.s. ok i am pretty busy this week, from a pub quiz last night, to dinner with the girlies tonight and then yoga tomorrow and finally thursday skins finale. it's all go, go, go. so if posting is sparodic it's not cause i dont care i'm just completely swamped.