Wednesday, 23 March 2011

...Things I like...

o.k, so i've shown you a couple of things i wish to purchase and littles items i only dream of owning. this week i thought i would show a few things that i have acquired over the past couple of weeks. most of the pics are of new clothing pieces. one being a top someone gave me at work. didn't suit them apparently. but zac posen for target, i thought, 'hell yeah'.

my StorminaTeacup purchase - separate post needed later
Zac Posen top (will have a better pic soon)
this week i'm listing in my weekly reads one blog that is dear to me and two new blogs that i have come across this past week. hope you like...

i love her blog. she also happens to be one of my dearest friends. please read if you don't already. it's full of humour, interesting facts and all of her frolicks as a student.

i have only been reading her blog for the past two weeks, but it is truly stunning. simple, classic, elegant. the pictures she posts are different and really capture a mood, location and her feelings for the day. its a fashion, food, musing, travel, lifestyle blog. she encapsulates day to day life beautifully.

3) Tieka -

i love this blog. her style is so perfect and cute. i can only will my fringe to fall like hers. it's one of my new faves at the moment.a perfect fashion blog with a unique taste.