Friday, 11 March 2011

...What I Wore & New Shoes...

earlier this year, january to be exact. i listed a few things that i wanted to purchase in 2011. now, two items on that list i have been successful in achieving. my sonisphere tickets in july and a trip to paris in may (am so excited about that).

one of the things i have desperately been trying to get hold is a pair of brown penny loafers. i didn't want them to be massively expensive, they could even be a pair of cheapo things. they just had to be perfect. my search went on for a good couple of months to no avail. finally on ebay i found a pair. soft material, little tassels - the classic penny style. i didn't even care that they were primark and not from russel and bromely or churches (labels aren't a too bigger deal to me). they were exactly what i wanted. and on wednesday they arrived at work. these shoes were everything i hoped for. comfortable, simple and classic.

so that's another thing i can tick off my 2011 wishlist. only my DSLR and that darn barbour jacket (which happens to be the thorn in my side - all too expensive, even on ebay).


p.s. what things have you all achieved so far in 2011?