Monday, 4 April 2011

...Education, Education, Education...

i have been thinking a lot about what i want to achieve in life. a while back i posted that i had got into my writing again. that i wanted to save up for a masters and also go traveling. now i have a full time job, which i love by the way, i find doing stuff that excites me and is creative much harder. mainly because i'm tired after work or i'm just to busy during the day to find the time. and when i do sit down to paint, write, plan trips away it all seems tom much and being creative shouldn't be forced.

that's why i've come to the decision, not necessarily to do a masters (far to expensive now), but to enroll on a short digital photography class over the summer. working in a digital company in branding and design, my love of photography has slowly grown and i feel i want to improve and learn. as soon as i started researching courses and looking up where i could study part-time, i got the stomach flipping excitement that i hadn't felt in a while. when i get 'that' feeling i know i'm onto to something big. so, fingers crossed and here goes. my journey back into education but this time at my own pace and leisure. ooo i'm getting all smiley just thinking about it.

anyways, on a lighter note, here are a few snaps of my outfit today. barring the socks and shoes, my top and trousers are 'new' from a splendid little hunt through some charity shops whilst in poole. top not sure where from but the peg-leg trousers are zara. big score for me. perfect for spring. also am wearing my spring lippy from last year. kind of a coraly, pinky, red colour. doesn't quite show up properly in the pic. looks more rouge. oh well. i also got a lovely pale lilac coloured, silk blazer from primark, for get this, a pound. bargain. i've decided now on i'm going to try and only by from charity shops or sale items.

spring lippy, more coral though
love the scoop neck, floral detail on the collar

although my monday started off rubbish again, what with forgetting things. seems to be a thing of mine now. two mondays running. the day has progressed nicely and am excited for things to come.

hope your week has started with a bit of motivation, doesn't matter how big or small.