Friday, 1 April 2011


ok so i meant to post about my night out with james seeing glassjaw at the hmv forum, but i forgot to bring my camera with me to work. therefore instead i have this I.O.W, which was scheduled for the weekend. i'm doing it now.
my image this week, and please don't judge me, is one of my own pictures that i took about 4/5 years ago. it is my dad, when we out playing golf one day as a family. well i say 'we' it was mostly just my mum and brother, whilst i went for a wander round the course. i heavily edited this image into black/white because i love the way the harshness of the brightness/contrast compliments my dad's facial expression. let me know what you guys think. i thought it might be nice to show you some of my work as well as those who inspire me to want to take better pictures...


p.s. am away this weekend so posting will be on hold until monday.