Monday, 25 April 2011

...It's a baby...

had a delightful day today. after all the eating and stuffing my face from yesterday, had a more chilled day. ate left overs and munched on chocolate. me and my mumma also went to visit a little man who is new to this world. one of her very best friends has recently, three weeks ago, had a baby. baby luka. he is so cute and absolutely adorable. i was really nervous about holding him. new born babies are so delicate and vulnerable but eventually i relaxed into it and he was fine. he kept making these cute, snuffly noises and when he hicups, oh my god; no words to describe how sweet it is.

it was marvellous. we all had bubbly to celebrate. spring i think is the best time to have a baby. everything is better when the sun is shining. i think this was a perfect ending to a pretty good bank holiday. only three days of work till our next one. how can i top it?

below are a couple of outfit snaps. one of my new shorts i posted about in my last 'things i like' post, and the other an illustration of what i wore to see thursday. a new vintage style dress. only from sainsburys T.U  range. cheap as chips.

orange nail varnish. v.summery