Saturday, 30 April 2011


this is a bit of a lame filler post. feel like i'm getting out of touch with blogging. haven't been up to much apart from working. so when these two bank holidays rolled up i used the time to just chill. such a bore i know. but i have finished 'eat pray love', which surprising was a good read. made me desparately want to travel. maybe one day, who knows. i recommend. definitely one to read on holiday. easy, not taxing on the mind.

this weekend i spent a fair bit of money on books. mostly because i feel reading feeds my soul. nourishes me and helps me with my vocabulary. being dyslexic i don't have a wide variety of vocab and find it difficult to find the right words to explain or describe things. reading is really beneficial in my understanding of grammar. at this precise moment i have currently started jack kerouac's 'on the road'. it's a book i've wanted to read for a while now. have given 'dr zhivago' a rest. too depressing. heavy going that book.  mentally and physically demanding. will pcik it up again soon. but i felt something lighter was needed.

thinking of going out tonight with james. not sure though. we such an old couple. we've got all comfy with cups of tea; me with my books and him with his snooker. so we'll see how the evening pans out. a few of his mates are heading into brighton. gives me an excuse to wear my new dress i picked up today. will post pics of it soon.

have a good eve everyone in whatever you choose to do.