Sunday, 17 April 2011


let me introduce you to...

as i mentioned in my last 'things i like' post, i recently purchased some lovely tribal style bracelets from her bespoke shop. ella masters is the creator of 'rubyraelove' and her shop is full wonderful, unique and truly inspiring jewelery. i'm already saving up for my next purchase.

after waiting with much expectation they finally arrived this week. i placed my order sometime last wednesday, so i'm more than happy with the delivery time. especially seeing as this is a one woman run shop. like the excitable child i am, i eagerly opened the packed, not before taking a few snaps as us bloggers do when we receive anything delightful in the post. everything about the package was splendid. the little hand written details make all the difference. it is nice to see personal touches.

i will definitely be buying from ella again. she is really helpful in answering questions via email. it is extremely clear to see that she is very passionate about this. the link to her online boutique is here.

the colours are exquisite and definitely fitting for summer. the best thing is that if you buy just one of these now, you get another free. i made use of that bargain and snapped up three, ensuring i got an extra three for free.

this girl deserves all the recognition as it is clear to see how much effort goes into stocking her shop. i urge each of you to take a look.