Monday, 11 April 2011

...Sunday Sun...

*beware heavy picture duty*
obvious title i know. but yesterday was such a lovely day. in fact the whole weekend was perfect. saturday was a chill day. round our family friends for a big lunch, drinking out in the sun in the garden. got a little burnt but nothing major. then sunday hanging out round london. mostly on caledonian road and islington. took a few pics and drew a small illustration of my outfit.

was so nice having some proper sun, exploring little cafe's and just soaking up some good ol' vitamin D.  i met my friend laura, from work, at 'drink, shop & do'. now if you're a londoner please visit this cafe/shop. it's magical. i love it. you can buy the cups you drink from, the plates you eat off and the chairs you sit on. it's all very 'kitsch', miss match and has a real vintage feel. it's on caledonian road, just along from kings cross. you walk through a little boutigue shop and up into the cafe. aaahhh, just so cute and relaxing.

after our spot of midday tea and cake, we mooched on up to islington and had a nosey around the vintage shops. all too expensive for my liking. stick to my charity shops me thinks. and then she showed me to this funky little cafe, 'the breakfast club' round the back of islington highstreet. there we had more food and smoothies.


all in was a pretty good weekend. hope yours as always were the same and made your monday's that bit more bearable.