Sunday, 17 April 2011

...Sunday update...

excuse my lack of posting since thursday, but i have been extrememly unwell. seriously ill.  was up all night thursday back and forth from the bathroom, highest temperature on friday, and so many achaes and pains. now it's sunday and i feel much better. little tired but only from lack of sleep. have so much to catch up on with blogs.

i will be getting back to my blogging shortly. apart from being ill not much has happened obviously. as you all know i won my furla candy bag, on park&cube's giveaway. can't wait until it arrives. i also received my purchase from rubyraelove and have been editing a post dedicated to it. and this coming tuesday i have tickets to see thursday with james. so i will post some pics from that evening.

sorry for being a big bore this week. will be back to normal this week. my weekly posts have taken a back seat and that's a shame. feel very bad.

have a lovely sunday, and enjoy the good weather if you're having some.