Tuesday, 5 April 2011

...Things I Like...

this week i have decided for my weekly 'things i like' to write about a little online, boutique jewellery shop i've found. alongside 'storm in a teacup', rubyraelove is now one of my fave stores. i have ordered these gorgeous beaded, (handmade may i add) tribal style bracelets. they are so colourful, simple and i love the fact that she clearly puts the time and effort into making these lovely creations. she has a darling, and down to earth blog as well. (check it out here). when my order comes through i am going to post a little review. but here is her blogshop. check it out please...
the bracelets i've ordered
here is a little peek at my new blazer i found in primark for a quid. such a bargain and what a lovely colour.

now for some more of my weekly reads. i'm only doing two this week. these two blogs are just some of the first blogs i started reading a few months back, when i really got into my blogging...

this girls blog is so lovely, that i every time i read it, it makes me smile. her photogrpahy is fabulous. i'm always commenting on her style. her regular weekly posts are so informative and orginal. please check it out if you haven't already. it's such a cute and modest blog. warming and definitely from the heart.

again i love reading this blog. simple and just adorable. she wears beautiful dresses and really has her own sense of style. her is just, well, some of the most amazing colours. at the moment is almost a pinkish, purple colour.

both these girls have really inspired my own blogging and coming up with different ways of posting. please read them.

that's it for this week.