Tuesday, 19 April 2011

...Things I Like...

i was really bad last week and didn't do a T.I.L post. naughty naughty i know. but here i am with some lovely little treats. things i want and have recently purchased.

these gorgeous tie shorts in charcol:
the best thing is if you type in 'wish' when checking out you get 50% discount on all items courtsey of Carrie from

i desparately want to go shopping but am trying to save my money for a new dslr. money is tight. doesn't mean a girl can't wish.

these cute little, well tall, floral wedges from Forever21 would be perfect for summer, and these shorts.

this might seem strange. but i have been dying to get my hands on this book ever since i studied her at university. she is a truly interesting philosopher. i know i've spoken about her on this blog before and probably how i want to own her 'gravity and grace' book.
...and now for my weekly reads. have been finding out so many different and interesting blogs lately and i want to share them all with you. as said before you've all probably heard of these girls but still, its my way of showing appreciation.

i thought my illustrstions were good but hers are so detailed and really cute. they tell a story all on their own. it's a lifestyle blog, fashion, daily interests and inspirations. delightful blog to read and flick through.

i love, love, love this girl's blog. have been reading it for a while now and it's refreshing, open, honest and wonderfully charming. a great style. america seems to have better charity/thrift stores than we do over here in blighty. need to take a trip out there me thinks. but please read her blog if you don't. its marvellous. i eagerly await each post.

hope you have enjoyed my ramblings.