Tuesday, 26 April 2011

...Things I Like...

here are a few items i have been saving in my likes folder. a few pieces i may buy with my pay check this month. only two days till i get paid. i'm gonna wait for james and i to book our trip away first. might not have much left after that. but like all us girls say, there's nothing wrong with wishing and hoping. i saw this dress below on eleonore's blog earlier and completely feel for it. the bright blue with the nipped in waist is just lovely.

ASOS dress - perfect for summer

another pair of forever21 wedges
here a couple more of some blogs that i love reading...

love this blog. reading or looking through her images inspires me to illustrate. helps me keep my motivation up. they are such delicate and intricate drawings. beautiful and stunning to look at.

2) Vicky:

her blog is so cute and adorable. lovely vintage style. her weekly sunday morning posts are a welcome change. really interesting to read and makes me wanna research more about the topic she has chosen to write about.