Friday, 22 April 2011


*beware some heavy picture duty*
so this week i went to see one of james's fave bands - thursday. i really liked them. their last song was the best by far. they are fun, catchy and even more so as it was in a  tiny venue. am not usually into heavy music but these guys have changed my outlook. really glad i went. was still feeling weak from being ill but didn't want to miss out. was knackered afterward though.

i took some pics, mostly of the band. tried to be all arty and get interesting images. gave up in the end and just enjoyed the gig. one of the best gigs i've been too in a while. they rarely play in britain james says, so i feel very blessed to have seen them. harcore yet songs you can sing and really feel the lyrics to.

i've found that sometimes you can miss things when you constantly try and take pictures of everything. i take my camera everywhere just in case, but at the moment i'm trying to live in the moment and rely on my memories of how that particular day made me feel. taking pictures sometimes gets in the way i feel. as much as i like photography, i don't want to spend half my time faffing around, annoying everyone, just so i can document minute details.

anyway i digress. hope you like them.

if you're from london, have a wicked four day weekend due to the bank holiday. if not doesn't matter have a lovely weekend whatever you choose to do. i know i will.

happy good friday and i'' be back on monday with some posts of my weekend.