Monday, 2 May 2011

...Bank Holiday...

so here is a picture summary of my bank holiday; mostly of a few things i brought...

running, charity shopping, book hunting, fish supper, fast and furious 5, catching up with old friends, x files and the royal wedding allowed all this to happen. thanks for extra day off work. hope all your bank holidays have been filled with joy.

the weather has been kind this weekend, with a brief shower storm in the night. not really sure i can handle going back to work properly on tomorrow. back to a normal routine. at least now with my new contract i can finish at 5pm. that extra half hour will make all the difference.  plus me and james have finally booked our trip to paris. am so excited. just over a week and a half. eek! will have much to write about on that. plan to take loads of pics not just with my digital but SLR as well.

feeling good with getting fit and healthy. have become a veggie again after four years of eating meat again. decided enough was enough. i feel light and not as bloated anymore. am also really excited my gym membership has finally been processed. can start going to classes and swimming regularly now.

hope all your weekends have been fab. my dear friend tom is coming to stay this weekend. going to a house party on friday, which will be nice.