Tuesday, 17 May 2011

...Guess who's back...

back to work
i got back yesterday morning, and was knackered. james and i practically mooched and napped all day. it is definitely nice to be back with all my home comforts. having finally caught up with all my unread blogs, or at least i'm making a pretty good dent in the list, i thought it was time to do a little post. of course i will be doing separate paris posts. our trip was amazing. everything and more. the weather was perfect; hot and no rain. it was so nice and lovely to just hang out round paris. finding interesting parks and neat little cafes. and oh my god the food. i have eaten so much in just three days. but all so delicious. macaroons, cheese, bread, meat, chips, cakes, oh just tons. i decided i would eat meat on this trip, as it was easier. but am back to my veggie style again.  and back to the gym after work today. not that i need to go but i just like exercising after sitting at my desk all day. helps clear my head.

so there we are, a quickie to let you all know am back and should hopefully resume normal posting.