Wednesday, 4 May 2011


my image of the week for today, came about unexpectedly actually. i was looking through google images of david bailey and came across this image. i love it. my love for black and white is unshakable. i think it makes every photograph beautiful, timeless and classic.

michael caine is always a good subject and in this image particularly looks amazing and quite fit. this is clearly him from his hay days in the sixties. the shadow falling along one side of his face, the subtle expression on his face, the contrast of his black suit with the white background. everything about this image i love.

well not much has happened so far this week. been doing some illustrating of a couple of outfits. should have them finished soon. also going out tomorrow for my friends graduation from saks. free bubbly and time with my girlies. will try and be a good blogger and take pictures for you all to see.