Tuesday, 10 May 2011


i'm really excited about this week's image of the week. especially, as again, it's one of my own pieces. photography has been something i've done for years. whether it's with a small digital compact or with film. i love it. i love the way you can capture a moment in time and preserve it. the image is with you forever, even when those times have passed. you are transported back that moment and can live through the image.

my image this week was taken when me and james first started going out. like officially going out, not dating anymore. i was mostly mucking around with my SLR and i in some sense stumbled upon this image. but i love it. not necessarily because it's of james but because of the feeling the image emotes. the tones. the melancholic, almost nostalgic quality the image has. i muted the colours quite severely, attempting to portray a washed out aesthetic. the image reminds me of those simple films, that have a 'no where' feel to them. such as 'lost in translation' or mostly 'the virgin suicides'. you can see a theme running here. it portrays to me a youthful, apathetic and dreamy state of mind. the delicate placement of his thumb against his lips and the hand draped over the back of his head emphasizes this passive quality the image portrays. almost as he is seeped in a hazy, muted atmosphere.

what do you guys think?