Monday, 23 May 2011


my weekend consisted mostly of taking pictures. now isn't that a change for you. ha. no, well it was for a project my work has set up for all the employees to take part in. we have to take pictures of london. more precisely of textures. now the task was to take five each. however, i found out that one of our design directors had a ticket going spare to see john berger give a lecture. this man changed my life during univeristy. reading 'ways of seeing' completely made me think about the way we view images in new and exciting way. 

now a few other people wanted this ticket too, so basically the task was to take as many pictures as possible. i took over 150 images. obviously i will not be putting them all up here, but over the next few days i will be uploading some in their various clusters. i will also be putting them on my flickr, so keep your eyes open, and as always let me know what you think...

just a little taste of what's to come