Thursday, 5 May 2011

...Things I Like...

haven't really found much this week. i've mostly been saving for paris, which i am dead excited about. only two items left on my 2011 wish list. yay!!!!

one of things that i am loving at the moment is a new arty magazine called 'oh comely'. it's fresh and full of articles on music, photography and illustration. the best thing about it, is you can submit pieces to feature in the issues.

it's only released four issues i believe, and i merely stumbled across in whsmiths. definitely worth reading, even if it is just for the images. you can follow then via twitter and their webpage is too adorable. you can find it here.

for my weekly reads i'm gonna start bringing it down to one a week as i'll run out otherwise...

this girls blog is cute. really unassuming. little snippets into her life. detailed accounts of her interests and what motivates her in life. a lifestyle as well as a fashion blog. its fun and simple. not bogged with trying to impress everyone. she merely writes and displays the images that she likes. read it now!