Monday, 9 May 2011

...Weekend in Pictures...

friday's outfit

saturday spent in nottinghill

few little purchases

well there you have it. not too eventful. went out on friday so spent most of saturday with my friends up town feeling slightly worse for wear. bought a few little items. then on sunday went into bromely with my mum for lunch. on the way back we stopped off at this garden show thingy. this couple every year open up their garden to the neighborhood. you come round, have tea and cake, and marvel at their amazing garden. was stunning. beautiful even. any money raised goes to charity. the only snag was i didn't have my camera. would have been the perfect thing to blog about. have no fear going back again in june so will have many pictures to show you.

i hope you guys all had a lovely weekend. judging by your posts, looks like you did. am hoping this week goes quickly as in three days i'm off to paris. ahhhhhhh. i promise to be a good blogger and detail my trip to show. can't wait to spend some quality time with james. have missed a lot recently. will be good for us. 
love you all


p.s. have some illustrations to go up soon of some previous outfits.